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Library Journal's Indie Author Project with Overdrive

Had to share some news - got this email from the Library Journal about the success of the International Overdrive project. What great news to know Strum is actively reaching new readers everyday! Gives me motivation to finish Book #2.. stay tuned!


We thank you for your participation in the pilot project with OverDrive that we launched last summer. The goal of this was to expand the discovery of your book to libraries everywhere. After viewing the results, we are happy to announce that the pilot was a resounding success! Because of this, we have decided to launch a full program with OverDrive to sell all of the current SELF-e Select collections under our Indie Author Project (IAP) brand. That being said, we intend to keep your eBook in our collections as we migrate from the pilot to the full program!

As promised, here is your usage data for the initial pilot period through April 2019:

Title: Strum Author: Nancy Young # of Circulations: 1,582


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