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Nancy Young's writing expresses her love of nature, world travel and multicultural understanding. Born in Taipei and raised in Pasadena, California, she studied English, French and Chinese literature, International Affairs, Asian History, and Film-making at UC Berkeley, Columbia University, University of Hawaii and Melbourne University.


She has traveled extensively across the U.S. and Canada, and over 30 countries on three continents. She worked for many years as a nonprofit arts manager and foundation officer in Los Angeles and San Francisco before becoming an arts and cultural development consultant in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, for over 13 years. She now lives in Southern California where she studies and practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


Nancy authored numerous cultural development plan, arts policies, marketing handbooks, and published a short story in the anthology, Sweet Sisters and Other Secrets (Zonta Int'l) in 2000.  In 2013, she published Strum, her first novel, through Inkwater Press in Portland, Oregon, and in 2018, Strum: An Audiobook with Music was added to In 2023, on the 10th Anniversary of its publication, a new 2nd Edition of Strum: A Novel is now available on Kindle, Audible, paperback and hardback.  

Nancy is currently completing her second novel, The Heart of Kala Pattar, while working on a screenplay for a potential film or television series (The Strum of Fate) through VoyageMedia.  Stay tuned!

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