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Monterey Park Public Library: Author Talk & Book Signing

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Nancy Young is honored as featured author for April, National Libraries Month!

Come hear her talk about her debut novel that won six book awards.

Review of Strum by Robert Gin, President, Monterey Park Library Foundation:

"Enjoyed the intriguing story line that span through time and locations. How a two guitar made in one century came to bring two people in another. The description of the different locations of the story was pretty vivid as though I was there. Thoroughly enjoyed the book...” ~ Robert Gin
Honoring local authors for National Libraries Month.

Stun Your Readers

Author Nancy Young talks about the characters in Strum at Monterey Park Library on April 12, 2015.

Author Nancy Young talks about her experience at 19,000 ft elevation at Mt. Everest in her talk at Monterey Park Library.

“They say several doctors die every year from Mt. Everest... they think they are immune to the symptoms [of altitude sickness] but need a helicopter to take them down and end up dying... there is no baring on your health, your age or your sex, or your anything else. It's totally random who is going to be affected by it."

Be Inspired

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